• Create, debug and maintain Web software he/she’s proud of;
• Be an expert of our current system;
• Master our tools and technologies;
• Be an expert of all critical aspects of our business and our industry;
• Present and communicate achievements in a clear and confident manner (i.e. to Stakeholders during Sprint Review);
• Use best practices, help and motivate all teammates to follow them;
• Be an active and constructive participant in all teamwork;
• Help ensure efficiency of Agile rituals ;
• Clearly express needs and opinions to all teammates;
• Communicate and interact easily in our bilingual environment (French/English);
• Proactively suggest and recommend interesting system improvements;
• Demonstrate passion in his/her work.


  • University degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent;
  • Mastery of at least one recent programming language;
  • Mastery of database technologies (SQL and/or noSQL);
  • Mastery of Web technologies (HTML, JS and CSS);
  • 5+ years’ experience delivering J2EE Oriented Solutions
  • 3+ years’ experience of the full software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • 3+ years’ experience of Java, C++
  • 2+ years’ experience with web technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3, jQuery, JavaScript)
  • Mastery of at least one Framework or abstraction layer (ORM…);
  • Mastery of Object oriented principle and patterns;
  • Strong knowledge of UNIX/Linux environment;
  • Strong knowledge of version control system (branching, merging, tagging);
  • Strong knowledge of Continuous Integration system, TDD and/or BDD principles;
  • Strong knowledge of web page caching technologies;
  • Bilingual (Dutch/English, spoken and written).

Personal Attributes:

• Autonomous;
• Active team player;
• Good understanding of French and English;
• Passionate and innovative.